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The most important things are to be very well rested from the night before and preferably several nights before that, and be in a quiet place. The goal is to gently enter the sleep state and ideally only be asleep for a few seconds, less than a minute (though it's hard to gauge!) before you very gently awaken again. Without opening your eyes or even coming fully alert you'll then relax into sleep again, repeating this cycle many times. Normally we crash asleep for a long time and burst awake like a whale breaching the ocean's surface; successful sleepsurfing requires the exact opposite pattern and is a very gentle process that (at least at first) requires a near-totally quiet and peaceful environment. Especially if you are interested in detecting auditory binding you must be in almost absolute silence.

You may not have a suitable environment available for sleepsurfing and perhaps even more likely in today's society you may not be rested enough for it. If you are like most people you are chronically sleep-deprived and you will more likely just fall asleep normally, as your body needs to. Other impediments like a sleep disorder or addiction to sleep-inducing drugs or young children in the house may make sleepsurfing impossible for you to accomplish. But you are certainly welcome to try, whatever your circumstances.

Please sign up below for access to full sleepsurfing instructions. This is so I can have some idea of how much interest there is and so I can email you again someday and ask you how it went or update you with important new developments in the area. Be assured your information will be kept confidential and never sold or shared with others in any way. These instructions are not necessary if you have already signed up for the auditory binding experiment because they are contained in the confidential email you received when you volunteered for the experiment. These instructions for sleepsurfing are not confidential but please encourage your friends to sign up here if they want to learn.

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